YouDitto is a location-based social notification network.

How it Works

Promote your business to people nearby.
Notify people nearby about deals.
Share your preferences about your favorite places.
See what others have to say about your location.
Choose a smaller or larger radius for urban or suburban areas.

Ditto it

Post to your location by either adding a new location or by using an existing one within your set radius.

See what others have posted in your community about a particular location.



Manage your posts and locations.

See who's getting notified about your posts.



Choose to get notified about a useful post based on your proximity to that post's location.

See where you've been and what you've missed if you just happened to pass by.



Set your radius for a smaller or larger area in meters.

Uses your phone's GPS. No other hardware needed.




Spread the word to grow the YouDitto community.

iPhone app coming soon.
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